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Delivering Fun

From 9AM - 6PM

Mr. Beach Rentals is committed to providing fun experiences for everyone! By delivering equipment to your house, condo or great paddling spots like The Point & Davis Creek, we take the hassel out of transporting and carrying standup paddle boards, kayaks, bikes and more!

Oak Island Beach Standup Paddle Board Rental Equipment
Kayak Rental Oak Island

Mr. Beach Rentals staff aim to make your rental experience as easy and fun as possible! We will be happy to teach you the basics of standup paddle boarding, kayaking and cycling. If you are a beginner and have a question, just ask or learn from the videos below!

How to SUP | How to Kayak

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Oak Island NC Paddle Board Rental

Mr. Beach Rentals loves to see you post your photos, videos and experiences online. Show your friends how much fun SUP, kayaking and cycling is on Oak Island! Please connect with us on social media and tell us all about your outdoor adventure.

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