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Free Delivery on Bicycle Rentals to Oak Island, Caswell Beach & St. James

Mr. Beach Rentals has bicycle rentals for adults, teens and kids! We purchase our beach cruiser and fat tire bikes from a variety of manufactures and have many different shapes and sizes available. To ensure you have a great cycling experience, Mr. Beach Rentals stores all bicycles indoors when not being used to keep them protected from the harsh salty and humid conditions of Oak Island, North Carolina. While bikes develop rust very quickly when exposed to these elements, Mr. Beach Rentals sells much of its equipment each year to ensure we have only the most stylish equipment available to rent!

Oak Island Kids Bicycles
Bike Rentals Oak Island North Carolina

Oak Island, North Carolina

Delivering Fun from 9AM - 6PM

Bicycle Rentals

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Oak Island Bicycle Rental
Oak Island Bicycle Rentals
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