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Kayaking into 2017! What's new?

PaddleOKI opened its doors to 2017 at the start of the month and we wanted to let everyone know we have some very exciting plans for this year!

Oak Island Kayak Rentals

The biggest change you will notice is that we have expanded to Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle Beach and will operate under the name Mr. Beach Rentals there. While PaddleOKI will continue to deliver to Oak Island and Caswell Beach everyday just as before, Mr. Beach Rentals will deliver to the two beaches above as well as Southport on Saturday, Sunday and Monday only. That means all rentals will be for the entire week this summer but we hope to add everyday, on-demand service in the future! You can help get our new name out there by following Mr. Beach Rentals on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! We also have a page on Yelp if you would like to submit a review of your experience with us! The Mr. Beach Rentals team is looking forward to serving all our new (and repeat) customers this year wherever you are in Brunswick County, NC!

Oak Island Standup Paddle Board Rentals

We are also very excited to announce our new 5 person paddle board! The Isle Megalodon 15' Standup Paddle Board will carry up to 750 lbs, enough for the whole family or a group of friends. It has superior balance as you can imagine and is actually a challenge to flip even when you try. So whether you want to try your luck riding waves, enjoy the sunshine on a board at the point, or practice yoga with a friend (or several), the Megalodon will be the most fun you have all summer!

Since we are talking about Yoga, don't forget to book a SUPY class with the area's top rated instructor Betsy Kimmel from Laugh and Breathe Yoga. Congratulations to Betsy on that award from Southport Magazine and we at paddleOKI are eager to work with her again this summer as part of our tour program!

We will have more updates in the future so stay tuned! Until then, we hope to see you soon!


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