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Year End Sale - Oak Island, NC

Labor Day has passed and the Summer season is coming to an end. Insert sad face here..

Oak Island NC Kayak

This means paddleOKI needs to get rid of some equipment because our space is limited and not much is rented out this time of year. But our loss is your gain! Now is the absolute best time to buy used equipment on Oak Island, NC.

We have paddle boards that are in great condition, sit-on-top kayaks that we are cycling out of our rental fleet (now using ones that are stackable), and bikes that were all purchased this year that need your love this fall. All the equipment listed on our website is fully functional and in good condition, afterall, we don't rent out junk!

If you would like a project and enjoy working on bikes, paddleOKI has a few bikes and bike parts that a few of you may like. Just call (336) 260-8099 if you would like to hear/see what we have!

Equipment is selling fast so go ahead and purchase online or call/text/email to make an appointment!

paddleOKI Owner

(336) 260-8099


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