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What's New in 2016

The 2016 season is here! If you haven't heard, paddleOKI is open and we have some exciting announcements to make...we have added many new products and styles to our bike fleet and will now also deliver beach chairs, beach umbrellas, fishing carts and more in 2016!

First off, paddleOKI now delivers fat tire bikes! With 4.5" inch tires, these monsters made by Mongoose can power over and through just about anything. Fat tire bikes are very capable of riding on the beach and we expect that is how most people want to use them. You can reserve one on our website, and please book ahead because it looks like they will sell out each week based on early interest. Next up is the tricycle so many adults have been searching for. Easier than riding a bike and with a big basket on the back, these stylish "trikes" made by Kent will get you around Oak Island in style. We also had many people ask for bikes with gears last year so you guessed it, we added those too! The Kent Bayside Cruiser comes with 7 speeds and handbrakes for both men and women. All this new fun cycling equipment combined with replacing last years adult and kid's bike fleet means we have even more shiny equipment to offer to families vacationing at Oak Island this summer!

As mentioned before, paddleOKI will start delivering beach equipment to Oak Island this year. Our beach chairs are super easy to take to the beach as it carries just like a backpack. Also like a backpack, it has a storage pouch to take all that extra stuff we like to take with us! Our hope is to make your vacation easier and to become a one-stop destination for all your equipment rental needs. Beach equipment rentals can be rented online and specials are running through May for those booking early.

paddleOKI is proud to serve our customers each season and deliver what they want, when they want! If there is ever something we don't have and you need, just let us know and you will probably read about it here next spring. See you soon!


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